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Beach Front Real Estate Invites You to Discover Belmopan

Beach front real estate is becoming more difficult to find but with the help of Coconut Property Auction you can make your dream of owning a home, resort or farmland property a reality.

Today's feature is the area of Belmopan which is the Capital of Belize.

Belmopan is a modern and well planned urban center located in Central Belize yet has a very rural feel.

It sits near the junction of Western Highway 1 which leads from Belize City to San Ignacio and the Guatemalan border located on the Caribbean Coast.

Belmopan is referred to as the "Garden City" because of its large parks with colorful vegetation and flamboyant trees!

In the center of Belmopan you'll find a post office, banks, immigration office, a hospital, the main campus of Belize University and some embassy offices.  Here's a great resource for detailed info on this beautiful Capital of Belize. 

We at Coconut Property Auction have a beautiful 5 acre piece of land that overlooks the Virgin Forests.  Take a peak at our photos located HERE.

Why not give us a call to see if this piece of property will meet your needs.

We're here 7 days a week to serve all your real estate needs.


Dream of Living in Belize and Have Your Own Boat Dock & Dream  Home?

Our last post presented you with some questions to ponder to determine if island life is right for you.

Assuming that it is, now you can look at the options and property on the market.

Coconut Property Auction has two lots of land in San Pedro where you could build your very own dream home on a canal and have access to the water whenever you like.

Take a look at this listing HERE

There are two lots, yes TWO so you can build two homes and rent one out to the influx of visitors, tourists and ex-pats that have been flocking to this beautiful island of Belize.

San Pedro is a lovely island full of culture with a mix of Mayan, Belizean and people who visit and have retired to this beautiful part of the Caribbean.  It's a must see place that welcomes Americans & Canadians.

To schedule a time to see this property contact your Belize Real Estate Broker James Seale today!

We look forward to serving your every need and greeting you when you arrive.



Is Island Life Right for You

Many people would LOVE to live on a Caribbean island.   The beauty of the beach.  The Belizean and Mayan culture and the warm climate make this part of Central America very appealing to many people.


But how do you know if island is truly right for you?  What sorts of factors should you be considering before you make a move?  

That's what this post is all about.  Simply answer the questions or contemplate them.  As long as you're honest with yourself, you'll know if island life is right for your unique needs, hopes and dreams.


1.  What is it about living on an island that makes it so appealing to you?


2.  Have you thought about what a typical day might look like and if you can do this day in and day out.


3.  How do you intend to make money?  Many Americans and Canadians have online businesses.

     Have you thought this far in advance?


4.  Have you explored what you need to live comfortably in a place on the island of Belize?  

     If not, you will want to explore different areas and what each has to offer.


For guidance and expert advice, why not give Jim Seale who is an American and Belizean a call to chat

about your unique needs and how he can help you find a perfect place to live and call your own on the

beautiful island of Belize. 


 Jim can be reached by calling 1-307-763-0578 or by completing the form located HERE.



Is a Beach Front Home in Belize In Your Future for 2015? 

Is a Beach Front Home in Belize In Your Future for 2015?  


January is the perfect time to begin viewing properties so you can find your beach front property in Belize.  The holidays are over, the kids are back at school, and the island is quiet until the next holiday and traveling season.

Two Properties available

Coconut Property Auction invites you personally to stay at our resort, Hotel Del Rio in San Pedro town, while you are looking for your perfect piece of paradise.

Beach front property can be challenging to find but we've been able to secure a quaint piece of property that has a house on it and access to the beach.  So while it's not exactly on the beach, it is literally a stone's throw away.

The benefit to buying and living in a home that is a stone's throw away from the beach is you will save time and money not having to remove debris that drifts up onto the property.  

And while this isn't a huge issue, it does safe you alot of valuable leisure time and energy.

Another benefit to being just off the beach front is you can literally step out  your front door, and as you begin walking to the Caribbean sea and the beautiful beach, it's in plain view!  

This to some is breath taking!

Take a peak at this property and give broker James Seale a call so you can see it today!




What To Look For In a Home Security or Property Management Company in Belize

When you own property in a third world country, you need to have someone residing in the home most of the time.  Leaving your place vacant is often an invitation for unwanted break-ins and trespassers.

To avoid problems after you purchase your beach front or caribbean property in Belize, you'll want to have a plan in place.  Many people who buy property here need resources to begin their new life or live here part-time.  The best resources are people.

By getting involved with the community and learning who does what and how you can get your needs met, you will connect with those who can offer you the assistance you need.

For example, many property owners who began just like yourself rent their home to family and friends who occupy it while away.  If family isn't an option you can find long or short term renters on sites like Air BNB ( and even sites like Luxury House Sitting.


You'll also find many Americans or Canadians who are have become Belizian citizens who are willing to house sit for you.  The key to finding the right person to keep your home safe and secure is to do the following:

1.  Begin early.  You will need to plan and know exactly what your schedule is, especially in the beginning.

2.  Connect with people who you feel you can trust and ask if they know people who house sit.

3.  Promote your property on sites like Luxury House Sitting and Air BNB.


The biggest thing you can do for yourself if to move forward with your plan.  Purchase that piece of property in Belize and don't be prevented from making your dream of having a vacation or beach front home in Belize a reality.  Once you have the first few pieces of your plan in place, you'll find it easier to get everything you need, including the right person to keep your home secure and safe.