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Buying a Farm and Living in Belize

Can you imagine buying a farm in Central America and living in Belize? Lots of people are opting for an easier more natural way of life.  You can accomplish this by living in Belize and when you purchase this beautiful piece of farmland, you'll be able to grown your own food and more.


Coconut Property Actions has 1146 Acres of the best farm land in Belize. This property is next to head high soybeans, corn and fruit trees. This is a real find that has a good roads and boarders Irish Creek on the back for water access.

Irish Creek would be considered a river in most places and flows into the New River Lagoon bordering Lamani Maya reserve and the New River which has access to the sea. This is truly a great farm. It has 100 acres in agriculture with the remainder in forest. This property could be turned into a private reserve or the finest farm you could imagine.


You can see photos of this great property HERE and contact us if you have questions or wish to view this amazing property!


Buying Property in Belize to Enjoy Belize's Barrier Reef

One of the benefits of buying property in Belize is you can enjoy Belize's Barrier reef anytime you like.

The Belize Barrier Reef is the second largest in the world after Australia's Great Barrier Reef.

Coral reefs are spectacular to see filled with color, patterns and brilliant sea life.

The waters in Belize are perfect for coral growth which requires warm, clear water that has steady sunlight. There are over 460 species of fish that snorkelers and divers are likely to see while swimming over the coral reefs.  

While diving or snorkeling, tour guides will tell you to not touch the coral to preserve the reef.

Other than that, you'll find the freedom and beauty of Belize's Barrier reef to be unprecedented.

We at Coconut Property Auctions would love to show you how to buy property in Belize and take you on a snorkeling or diving trip during your stay here.

Currently we have Coral Beach lot (80 by 100) just South of downtown San Pedro Town is just behind
Coral Beach Villas on Villa Drive. The lot is a large lot and has a easment directly to the
sea on its North End.

This lot is very accessible and would be a great condo sight.

Why not visit us, book a diving tour and view our property for sale.

Contact us today.




Why Americans Are Moving to Belize to Buy Property and Enjoy a Simpler Life

Exactly why are so many Americans moving to Belize to buy property and enjoy a simpler life?

Great question!

Well, there are alot of great reasons Belize is attracting so may people who desire to buy property and relocate to Belize.  Below are three key reasons:

1- Its peaceful accepting culture

2-  Ease in establishing foreign residency

3-  Opportunity to start something new


By now you know Belize is a small island on the Caribbean coast of Central America.  It is home to a peaceful population of a kind hearted diverse culture of people who value privacy and freedom.  It's ease of integrating into the community makes it one of the top reasons to buy property and relocate to Belize.

The second reason Americans and others are moving to Belize to buy property and relocate has to do with the ease in establishing foreign residency.  In fact, Belize is one of the easiest places in the world to establish foreign residence.  And once established, you can maintain your residence easily and life tax-free.

With more and more people buying property in Belize and relocating, its no wonder new residents are creating and opening new businesses offering services needed to meet the needs of this growing caribbean paradise.  By obtaining a work permit and following some simple straight forward guidelines, you'll find it easy to move forward in your new life in Belize.

There are many more reasons so many Americans are moving to Belize to buy property and enjoy a simpler life.  These are just three of many.

To experience first hand the ease of living and the beauty of Belize, visit us and stay at Hotel Del Rio, our sister site.

Contact us today and we'll take care of all the details!



Buy Your Beachfront Home and Join the Fly Fishing Craze

Belize has a vast and diverse amount of land for you to invest in and live, but buying your beachfront home and joining the fly fishing crazy could just change your life!


Before eco-tourism came to Belize, there were fishermen.  And for many many years, anglers have been going to Belize for the excitemnt and challenge of a variety of types of fishing.

There are many types of fishing techniques.  Bait fishing has given way to fly fishing, which could be a direct result of the increased numbe of people sport fishing across the world.

Most fly fishermen you speak with in Belize will tell you they are not on vacation.  They come with a purpose - to practice the art of fly fishing while family and friends can enjoy everything else Belize has to offer.

It's easy to join the fly fishing craze and enjoy Belize when you buy your beachfront home. 

Coconut Property Auctions has this Beachfront Home ready for you to view!

Contact us to set up your appointment to view this home. 




Build On This Beach Front Property in Belize

Obtaining your little piece of paradise and building on this beach front property in Belize has never been easier. 

Coconut Property Auctions has the perfect piece of beach front property for you to invest in.  With two lots located in San Pedro, Amergris Caye you will have ample room to enjoy the beautiful beach front location and everything else Belize has to offer. 

This beach front property in Belize is almost impossible to find and has a double lot that goes from the beach to the road with an incredible view of the reef and the river!  

If you've ever been to San Pedro Island you will find this property located one block south of the bridge.

Possible uses for this property include building your dream home or business and even a small resort. 

If you've ever considered building on beach front property in Belize, this could be the perfect piece of property for you!  Contact Coconut Property Auctions today to set up your appointment.