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Buying Property in Belize & Living Among the Belizeans

Whether you buy property in Belize to enjoy as your little piece of paradise, or use it as an investment option, living among the Belizeans is a beautiful uplifting experience.

Different from the American or other cultures, Belize is not so much a melting pot of cultures as it is a salad where each element lends a certain flavor to the mix!

Belizians are proud of their culture and it shows in the way they interact with others in a mild unspoken way. When you visit Belize to view investment properties or to buy property in Belize for yourself to reside, you will see a mix of Creole, Garifuna, Mestizo and Maya who live united as Belizians.

During my last visit to Belize I was intrigued by the mix of people and realized it was hard to tell exactly what a Belizian is supposed to look like making it difficult to descriminate and providing me with a very welcoming experience.

When you buy property or investment real estate in Belize you will notice that this little Caribbean Island located in Central America is different from other caribbean islands.  Belize has a British heritage rather than a Spanish one which means when you buy property in Belize you won't have a language barrier because English is the official language.  

And with an increasing influx of Spanish speakers you will be able to practice your Spanish or easily reside in Belize if you are a speaker of the Spanish language.

Belize's beautiful mix of cultures and influx of newcomers make this Central American Caribbean Island paradise a great opportunity to buy property and live amongst a peaceful all encompassing community.

To learn more about buying property in Belize contact us today!



Where is Belize & Why Should I Buy Property in Belize

Belize is the most accessible and easy going tropical place in the western hemisphere and is becoming the perfect place to buy property or invest.  Belize is located on the Caribbean coast of Central America just 750 miles from Miami, Houston and New Orleans.  Belize is 9000 square miles in area and neighbors Mexico to the north and Guatemala to the west and south.  

Many people buy property in Belize because of its 185 mile long endless coral reef.  Belize is home to 3 of the 4 major reefs located in the northern hemisphere.  The Lighthouse Reef, circular in nature and the Blue Hole which is 55 to 90 meters deep with stalactite caves.  And Hol Chan Marine Reserve located off Ambergris Caye whichis home to fragile coral and tropical fish.  

If you enjoy diving and love natural beauty then Belize may be your place to invest or buy peoperty.  Why not schedule a trip and visit our available properties.  You'll enjoy the ease of having all your questions answered about what it takes for you to retire or live in Belize.   


The Beauty of Living in Belize

Living in Belize, Central America is a magical experience.  Two key things contribute to its beauty: the people and the weather!  Both are important if your final goal is to purchase a home in Belize or invest in real estate. 

Let's take a look at what you'll want to know about Belizian people first and then a snapshot of the year round weather.

Belize is home to about 310,000 people and is considered one of the most diverse places in the world- culturally, ethnically and linguistically.

The Mestizos - a mix of Maya and European of mostly Spanish blood- make up 40% of the Belize population.  They are a mild mannered laid back people who are delightful to talk and interact with.

The second largest population - the Creole - descended from the mix of early British setlers and African slaves brought from Jamaica.  Spanglish, a mix of English and Spanish is spoken by the Creole.

In addition, there are the Black Carib, also known as the Garinagu, who are a cultural and racial mix of Carib Indians and African slaves who arrived in Belize early in the 19th century.

East Indians, Chinese, Lebanese and Mennonites also comprise the Belize population.

Given the diverse ethnic mix it is important to note there is very little racial tension in this beautiful country. 

The weather is also an important factor that contributes the beauty of living in Belize.  With a subtropical climate and only two seasons, it's easy to enjoy all this country has to offer.  

This photo of Belize is courtesy of TripAdvisor

June to January is the rainy season while February to May is the dry season.  While many people visit Belize during the winter months in the Northern climates, divers enjoy visiting during the Spring when the water is clearer and perfect for diving!

The temperatures can range from 55 to 96 degrees farenheit depending upon the time of year and day.  Inland areas can be hotter while mountainous spots can be cooler. 

The best thing you can do when you are thinking of purchasing a home or investment property in Belize is to visit the country.  Spend time with the local people and talk with many of the ex-pats who have made this island their home. 

To receive more information on buying a property so you can enjoy the beauty of living in Belize whenever you desire, why not contact Coconut Property Auctions.  We have a vast range of homes and investment opportunities to meet your unique needs.



I Want To Buy a House in Belize, Now What?

Ever wonder where to begin and how to proceed to buy property in Belize?  If you answered "Yes" to that question then you are not alone.  This blog post is the simplest way you can go about buying a house in Belize. Keep reading and you'll soon know the simple steps you need to take to claim your little piece of paradise!


Before you meet with anyone about buying property, you'll want to know clearly what your budget is. Knowing this will help  to guide your decisions and make your agent's task of finding you your dream house or building lot simple and fast.


Once you know your budget and what you'd like to spend, your next step is to visit Belize and connect with people who've purchased property already.  Because there are no restrictions on foreign naturals buying property in Belize, you will find plenty of people who have done what you desire to do.  And they are typically happy to share their experience of buying or investing in Belize.

One interesting thing you many not know, peopole over the age of 45 are able to apply for Belize Retirement Person's Incentive Program which is considered one of the best in the world for retirees tax breaks.


After you've talked with others' who've invested in Belize and you know your budget, it's time to view some property.  It is important at this time to know what sort of lifestyle you truly desire.  

Do you prefer to be near the beach?  If so you'll want to look at properties near or on the ocean.  If the mountains are more your style, Belize has that too.  With a vast terrain and several smaller islands for you to visit and choose a place to live, you'll truly have a beautiful experience looking for the house of your dreams.


Your final step to buy a house in Belize is to seek out someone who can help you view homes, process paperwork,  take possession and get settled in.  You'll want to work with someone who knows the Belizian market and the areas and property you are interested in purchasing.  The systems of buying property in Belize are easy for all of those who are used to buying systems in the U.K., Ireland and the U.S.

There are several realtors in Belize.  Find one that you feel comfortable with and can trust.  To learn more about how Coconut Property Auctions can help you find and buy the home of your dreams simply click HERE and fill in the form.  We'll contact you within 24 hours.


In the meantime...Enjoy Life!





3 Reasons Why Buying Property In Belize, Central America is Right for You

Do you wonder if buying property in Belize is the right thing for you to do in 2014?  I get asked this question all the time.  Before I answer, let me formally welcome you to Coconut Property Auction Blog- the place that brings buyers and sellers together in the beautiful paradise of Belize, Central America

If you're like many people who work hard but keep wondering when they'll ever be able to truly enjoy life, you're sure to find this post informative and promising as you choose to escape the crazy stressful lifestyles of the United States and Canada trading it in for your little piece of paradise.

There are many reasons to buy property in Belize, but there are 3 key reasons for you to buy in 2014!  Let me tell you what those reasons are first before I go into each of them separately very briefly.

3 Reasons Why Buying Property in Belize, CA is Right for You in 2014

1-  Cost of Living

2-  Lifestyle

3-  Ease of Buying


With the cost of living in the United States and Canada on the rise, now is the perfect time to claim your little piece of paradise.  Coconut Property Auctions can help you find and invest in your dream home.  


Let's talk about the cost of living and how you can go about determining yours.  Just as each person's cost of living is different in the States or Canada, the same holds true in Belize.  

Your lifestyle preferance along with the location you desire to live will help to determine your cost of living more fully.  Keep in mind you will not have heating expenses since most homes don't have heat.  Cars are not a necessity and many people ride bicycles or golf carts.  Seafood is plentiful and affordable and vegetables and fruits are sold everywhere cheaply.  

Your Coconut Property Auctions agent can help you find something to fit your budget so don't let this stop you from taking that first step to achieving your dream of living in Belize.


The laid back lifestyle is another reason why buying property in Belize could be right for you to do in 2014. Americans and Canadians alike are in search of a much needed break and a better way of living, and Belize is where many people are escaping to for rest, relaxation and real peace.  

Everyday you will find tourists and locals walking the beach, sailing, riding bikes and enjoying fresh caught fish at local beach side cafe's.  The locals are extremely friendly and helpful and there's plenty to do for people of all ages.  


Buying or investing in Belize Real Estate is simple when you have Coconut Property Auctions representing your best interest.  With a diverse and extensive listing to include:

                    Beautiful villas

                    Ocean View Bungalows

                    Farmland Acreages

                    Riverfront Villas

                    Extensive resort location

                    Properties with rice paddies, lagoons and fruit orchards!


Coconut Property Auctions can help you easily discover and close on the property of your dreams because we bring together buyers and sellers who work together.  When the buying process is easy, you experience less stress and can enjoy the buying process, the island and of course what ever matters most to you.


Contact us today so we can help your make your dream come true!





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